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Tilt is a citizens’ movement demanding that the European Union works for all of us – not just a privileged few. Together, we’re making real change happen and urgently pushing for a fairer, greener Europe.

Tilt is a citizens’ movement demanding that the European Union works for all of us – not just a privileged few. Together, we’re making real change happen and urgently pushing for a fairer, greener Europe.

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    Air transport contributes a lot to the dangers of climate change. And increasingly so! This trend must be reversed!

    Trains far outrank planes in their eco-friendliness. Yet international trains in Europe are expensive and difficult to book.

    Global aviation emissions have more than doubled in the last 20 years. Carbon emissions from flying has risen by 26% in the last 5 years alone. Up until now, the aviation sector refuses to take responsibility. Action is very urgent, the aviation industry projects a doubling in the total number of passengers carried between now and 2040.

    The EU must shift its priorities. It must stop ignoring the great potential of our train networks. Europe needs to invest more in the railway network and make trains the easiest and cheapest option.

    Travels up to 800 kilometres will have to be cheapest and easiest by train.

    Therefore, we demand:

    • That the EU invests more in trains and less in air transport! We insist on this change to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Ending the unfair competition against our rail systems. Airline companies must pay their fair share in taxes!


    Air transport contributes a lot to the dangers of climate change. Airplane emissions are currently responsible for an estimated 4.9% of global warming caused by human activity. Europe needs to invest more in the railway network and make trains the easiest and cheapest option. More trains, less planes!

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    To: Member State governments of the European Union

    The Internet as we know it is in danger.

    On the 26th March, the European Parliament voted yes, with a narrow majority, on the introduction of upload filters on the Internet. If the final decisions passes the European Council (comprising EU governments) on the 15th April, it would fundamentally change the way content creators and users experience the Internet on a daily basis, harming authors and their fans alike.

    What are upload filters? Automated algorithms that scan every uploaded photo, video, article for possible copyright infringement before the content is published. The effect? Videos of cute kittens could be taken down because a copyrighted song can be heard in the distance. Your karaoke photos can get flagged because there is a poster or picture with a trademark in the background. Your story might not upload for several hours while the filter is running through all the existing content to check for potential violations.

    Small online newspapers, blogs and fact checking websites are also among those affected - and these sites keep our internet diverse, reliable and free for the press.

    We want the Internet to be instant, spontaneous and free. It has become an everyday part of our lives. The current proposal would change that. We must make sure this proposal doesn't pass the European Council.

    Sign to tell your government to vote against the upload filters on the 15th April!


    This is our last chance to stop upload filters. The European Council (comprising member state government ministers) is having the final say on upload filters on the 15th April. Let's make sure they know how European citizens want them to vote!

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    Every year, 60,000 animals are mistreated (and then slaughtered) in Spain during the cruel and popular bullfighting festivals, as reported by the National Association for the Protection and Welfare of Animals.

    In Spain, Portugal and France, the torture and slaughter of bulls in public is permitted under the protection of a so-called "tradition".

    Tradition or not, bullfighting is a barbaric show and should not be considered as an accepted "sport" in Europe. Torturing animals is neither art nor culture.  It is violence against innocent animals.

    Bulls must not continue to be subjected to mistreatment during these "traditional festivals" in Spain, Portugal and France, often at the cost of their own lives. It's time we stop this now.



    Torturing animals for "entertainment" is neither art, nor culture nor sport. It is violence. Let's stop this horrific “sport” and protect the rights and welfare of animals now✊

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    The fragile ecosystem of our seas are under serious threat. Increasing human activity, shipping to fossil fuel exploration, overfishing to air, water and plastic pollution are all putting more stress on seas. Climate change is disrupting marine habitats’ natural balance through increasing temperatures, and ocean acidification further threatens the viability of many species throughout the food chain.

    Currently, only 9% of EU seas are covered by Marine Protected Areas. Most of these areas are not actually protected against the impacts of human activities. This is not good enough. We need to designate significant sections of European waters as networks of MPAs , free from human interference, to allow biodiversity to recover and improve ecosystem resilience against climate change in the long term.

    Support the call for 30% of our seas to become real marine protected areas with effective management measures in place under the next European Parliament. Please sign the petition now.

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    Over the past decade, Putin has been consolidating the nuclear industry for Russia into one of the largest in Europe. Through the state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom, Russia has been pushing to build more nuclear reactors in Europe to increase its influence over other governments and to break European unity. We see this happening in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, and even the UK. A recent study shows Russia is buying influence in the EU through its nuclear strategy. We need to stop this. 

    Nuclear power is not our future. Nuclear power is expensive and economically unsustainable. Billions of euro's in taxpayer money are squandered, energy bills are made unnecessary high. It creates nuclear waste for which there is no final solution and it is risky. If something goes wrong, neighbouring countries can be seriously affected as well. On top of this, we see external investors, like Rosatom, gaining huge power over the EU energy market.

    We already have great alternatives. Green solutions that are economic, climate-friendly and safe to use. Solutions that create more sustainable jobs and that give us control over energy supply. With rapid advancements to renewable technology, there is no excuse to choose nuclear over renewable energy. Yet there are four nuclear reactors under construction and another five planned to be built in the EU.

    No more dependency on Russian energy. Nuclear is not our future. We need to stand up against this and fight for a moratorium on nuclear energy.

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    To: Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Mr. Jack Patrick Dorsey

    Women from all over the world are joining forces to report on the abuse and violence they face, voicing their opposition to all forms of online harassment, hatred, discrimination, and sexism.

    For women, in particular women of colour, Facebook and Twitter have become hostile places. Instead of strengthening their voice, Facebook and Twitter are acting as a megaphone to incite hate speech and online abuse, driving many women to self-censor what they publish, and limiting their interactions and even completely abandoning social media.

    People of colour, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, queer people, Muslims and Jews are among the people most affected and marginalized by a wave of hatred and harassment.

    The goal of such violence and abuse is to create a hostile online environment with the intent to humiliate, intimidate, degrade, belittle or silence the people that haters target. The normalisation of abuse and harassment seen online is spilling over offline, leading to a rise of violent racist encounters.

    Facebook and Twitter have a responsibility to ensure that every individual that uses their platforms is able to express themselves freely and without fear.

    We demand a concrete commitment from Facebook and Twitter to combat the spread of hate speech and abuse on their platforms.

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    Climate catastrophe is here. Thousands of young people around the world have taken to the streets in protest. The message is clear: a drastic change to the system is needed. Now.

    So we need your help. With the European elections coming up, we need to ensure the next European Parliament - elected in May this year - puts a European Green New Deal into action. This is the challenge of our lifetime, but the solutions are there. The only thing that is missing, is the willingness of politicians to take their responsibility and ACT.

    Climate change is occurring as a result of the worst market failure in our economic system ever. A system based on environmentally destructive profiteering and consumption that pushes the earth beyond its ecological limits. Food, clean water and air have become commodities instead of a human right.

    With a European Green New Deal, we can drastically change this. Our economy needs to serve people and planet before profit. It needs to divest from dirty coal. It needs to work towards 100% renewables. Instead of maximising production, it need to be environmental sustainable. We can do this easily with investments into green jobs, research, eco-innovation, professional training and education.

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    Women have ferociously fought for their own reproductive rights.The message is clear: our body, our choices. It's time for the EU Member States and EU institutions to step up for equality.

    Abortion access is a human right, not a moral question.

    This petition demands the EU member states and the European Institutions to protect women from any violation of their human rights by adding the right to access an abortion into the EU Charter Of Fundamental Rights.

    It's only by letting our leaders know that we demand bodily autonomy that we can build a Europe that prioritizes gender equality.

    Can you sign this petition to demand Europe take action on protecting reproductive rights?

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