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Recent Campaigns

  • The European Parliament has recently voted for stricter CO2 targets in the car and van industry. This is because transport is still one of the largest source of CO2 emissions in Europe, factoring for one-fifth of emissions. Now the final decision lays at the feet of the Council to decide our CO2 targets.

    Currently, Germany, France, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria are being influenced by rich car manufacturers to lower these targets. Our representatives should listen to us, not lobby groups. Let the Environment Ministers of Germany, France, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria know that Europe wants a reduction of CO2 emissions of cars and vans by 40% by 2030.  It's up to us to let these Environment Ministers know that we want higher emissions reduction targets to work towards a decarbonised renewable future.

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  • Polski


    Bialowieza_header.pngThe Białowieża Forest is one of last and largest remaining fragments of the immense primeval forest that once stretched Europe. It is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site and has to be protected from destruction by human intervention.

    The Polish State Forest Holding has now started the construction works of the Narewkowska Road, laying asphalt to cover a 400-metre stretch of the road fifteen kilometers every day. These construction operations are taking place despite the European Commission's decision to suspend the construction of the road. The European Commission have asked the company to comply with Europe's environmental standards and provide and environmental impact assessment before construction is done. 

    But this has not happened. 

    A stronger reaction from the European Commission is of highest importance to prevent further environmental damage in Białowieża forest.

    Therefore, we call upon you to ensure that European laws for the protection of nature are respected and that further environmental damage in Białowieża forest is prevented. The unique ecosystem needs our protection.

    We strongly urge the European Commission:

    • to firmly demand that the Polish authorities stop the further construction of Narewkowska Road until proof of compliance with EU legislation is provided.
    • in case the environmental compliance cannot be demonstrated, we urge you to definitely halt the asphalt work of the road.
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  • Women have ferociously fought for their own reproductive rights. The message is clear: our body, our choices.

    In accordance to the European Court of Human Rights, the denial of sexual and reproductive health and rights services constitute a serious violation of fundamental human rights. And yet, women still face high barriers and stigma when accessing reproductive services. 

    It's time for the EU Member States and EU institutions to step up and stand with women. 

    This petition demands the EU member states and the European Commission to protect women from any violation of their human rights. EU member states and the European Commission must condemn the regressive and repressive discourses, laws and policies that restrict women's rights to self-determination once and for all. 

    It's only by letting our leaders know that we demand bodily autonomy that we can build a Europe that prioritises gender equality. 

    Can you sign this petition to demand Europe take action on protecting reproductive rights?

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  • On 12 September 2018, the European Parliament supported the report of Green MEP Judith Sargentini with a two-thirds majority. The report concludes that Hungary’s government is breaching core European values, such as democratic integrity, human rights, the freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary. By voting to enact the Article 7 procedure of the EU Treaty, the European Parliament reaffirmed its commitment to protecting our democracy and the rule of law in Hungary and across the EU.

    In some EU countries, and Hungary in particular, the state is no longer able to guarantee the freedom of the media, the impartiality of the courts, and the independence of its academic institutions. Unfortunately, the Hungarian people no longer enjoy the same freedoms and rights as we have come to expect in the EU. 

    The European Parliament did their part in trying to give the Hungarian people back their rights and freedoms, and now it is time for the Council to take over, they have the power to force the Hungarian government to change their act. The governments of the member states, who make up the Council, have to show their commitment to protecting the rights of Europe’s citizens on 16 October, when the next General Affairs Council meeting will take place. So far none of our governments have put the Hungarian case on the agenda, which means they ignore the problems citizens face in Hungary.

    This is where our community can make a real difference: We need to put pressure on national governments to stand up for our rights and freedoms and make sure they discuss the report during the Council meeting and put fundamental values of the European Union first.

    Can we count on your support? Sign NOW!

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  • GermanČesky

    Dear Prime Minister Armin Laschet,
    Dear Federal Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Svenja Schulze,
    Dear Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier,

    As we speak, RWE, the multinational energy company, clears the Hambach forest to make way for open-cast mining. If their plan works, chainsaws could soon be set loose and start cutting down trees that have stood for many centuries.

    Locals and environmental activists have been protesting these plans for over 5 years in order to protect the Hambach forest, but despite filing numerous complaints, they couldn’t stop RWE.

    Through its lignite production in the Rhineland region, the company is responsible for 30% of Germany's CO2 emissions. The Coal Commission, appointed by the German Government will have to decide on the future of coal in Germany.

    However, while the phase-out of coal is currently under deliberation by the Coal Commission, RWE is acting unilaterally to wipe out what is now left of the Hambach forest. RWE is thus also delegitimising the Coal Commission. 

    The federal government and the government of North-Rhine Westphalia have the power to stop this project, which is hugely damaging for our environment and the climate.

    Therefore we urge to:

    • urgently stop the RWE project until the Coal Commission has presented its proposal for phasing-out coal in all of Germany: please ensure that the Hambach forest is protected while negotiations are on the way
    • to protect the rights of activists to peacefully demonstrate for their goals to protect the forest from being torn down to make way for dirty brown coal


    The Hambach forest must remain protected!

    Yours sincerely,

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    When making your regular trip to the supermarket, are you – just like us – annoyed at how much unnecessary plastic goes into your basket? Innumerable single-use plastic bags are used to collect loose fruit and vegetables; even foods with its own natural packaging sometimes comes with an added plastic coating!

    All of this is useless plastic - which when thrown away builds up in our oceans and threatens our marine life. Every year, we produce more than 300 million tonnes of plastic, 8 million tonnes of which end up in our oceans. By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. And plastic is made of fossil fuels. It contributes significantly to climate change and to harming our planet as well as our wildlife.

    Let’s stop this useless plastic consumption. Change is possible.

    We urge supermarkets to work with us against single-use plastic by reducing the amount of plastic packaging used in stores and in the transportation of goods. We urge supermarkets to get in touch with their suppliers to ask them to reduce useless packaging and to offer alternatives to their clients whenever possible. We urge supermarkets to put pressure on decision makers in their countries and in Brussels to agree on binding and concrete new rules to reduce the production of useless plastic.

    Sign our petition asking supermarkets across Europe to take a stance against useless plastic so that we #UseLessPlastic!

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  • Français | Italiano | Español | Svenska | Magyar

    Undocumented migrants and refugees are human beings, just like you. But sadly, far-right and nationalist forces across Europe scapegoat migrants using language that seeks to rid them of their humanity. It may win elections but it won't solve the problem, merely create more.

    As we all know, the refugees' road to Europe is long and torturous and many perish along the way. Many of us, citizens of Europe, want to help those in need. But there are many cases of people who help that are being arrested, fined and intimidated, just for offering assistance in the direst of circumstances.

    This is not the European Way! This is why we sympathise with the "Welcoming Europe" European Citizens Initiative, coming from NGO's all over Europe. (Uhm, what's an ECI? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️)

    We Europeans want to:

    🛑 Stop governments that punish volunteers and civil society organisations for offering humanitarian help or shelter for refugees.

    🇪🇺 Strive for more effective means to protect all victims of labour exploitation, crime across Europe and human rights abuses at our borders.

    🎗 Support citizens who want to offer refugees a new a home and build a new life.

    We have joined forces for a more humane Europe defined by community, compassion and kindness. Sign the ECI for a #WelcomingEurope!

    Find the full text of the ECI here, and here's their website with a list of all other organisations that support this ECI.


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  • Over the last two months, Trump's administration has forcibly taken about 2,000 children away from their parents at the US border. They are detained at 'Casa Padre' - a former Walmart. Children, even siblings, are told they cannot hug each other.

    In Europe, off the coast of Italy, a rescue vessel for migrants and refugees is denied entry and forced to spend days stranded at sea. The ship carried pregnant women, children and unaccompanied minors.

    What is the world coming to! This is totally unacceptable and not representative of who we are!

    More and more people are standing up against such inhumanity.

    Join them. Zero tolerance can never be the answer.

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  • Français | Español | Czech

    Support Tax Transparency for Big Corporations in the EU!

    Every year, the EU loses between €50 - €70 billion through the aggressive tax dodging practices of big corporations!

    Real corporate tax transparency would force multinationals to pay their fair share of tax.

    However, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are currently blocking a key transparency reform that would mean multinationals have to publish data on where they generate their profits and where they pay tax.

    Instead of supporting tax transparency, EU governments are trying to bury the reform.

    Public Country-by-Country Reporting would prevent corporate giants from shifting their profits and dodging taxes, and it would make them pay their fair share.

    We call on EU Member States to stop blocking the tax transparency reform and to adopt the Public Country-by-Country-Reporting in the European Council without delay!

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  • It has been two years now.

    Two years since a handful of swivel-eyed Brexiteers slapped a slogan on a bus and convinced a nation to vote 'Leave'.

    A lot has happened since then, and - let's face it - it's getting harder by the day to make the case for the UK's exit from the EU. It's a lose-lose scenario no matter how you look at it, so it's hardly surprising that an ever-growing number of British people are having second thoughts - or even serious regrets.

    So, why not try and come to our senses while we still can?

    As Europeans, from Athens to Amsterdam and everywhere in between, let's show them that this is our fight too.

    This is about more than the customs union and the free market. This is about preserving the most ambitious political project that's ever existed.

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