6 reasons why your organisation should introduce a 4-day week!

A 4-day work week has become a topic of interest all over Europe. Several countries that have carried out trials, such as Spain and Iceland. In the UK, 61 companies and organisations introduced a 4-day week from June to December 2022. Around 2,900 employees took part in this trial. Their working week was reduced from to 32 hours, with no associated loss of pay.

We gathered some of the most important takeaways from the trial! Here are 6 reasons why your employer should introduce a 4-day week:

  1. Stress reduction. One of the most important conclusions from the trial’s report is that employees who took part in it felt less stressed.
  2. Burnout prevention. Working 5 days a week can not only cause stress and frustration but can also lead to intense burnout. The trial in the UK improved that as well. 71% of employees had reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial.
  3. 54% of employees also found it easier to balance work responsibilities with family and social life. They indicated increased satisfaction with their household finances, relationships, and how they managed their time.
  4. Is a 4-day week worth more than money? For 15% of participating employees - yes! They said that no amount of money would make them accept working 5 days a week again.
  5. Overtime reduction. Over a third (34%) of employees reported that their overtime fell.
  6. Health. Having one additional day for yourself means more time to take care of your body. This was the case for 37% of people who took part in the trial. Working 4 days a week also improved sleep for 40% of them.

And what was the most important result of the trial? 56 out of 61 (91%) companies decided to continue with the 4-day work week! Everything we learned about the UK trial is pointing toward what we have been saying for a long time now: a 4-day week is the future!

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