Save Bees and Farmers!

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To: EU Commission

The current model of intensive farming has led to a massive decline in biodiversity. Our fields and farms are being drenched in toxic chemicals from Bayer-Monsanto and Co: butterflies and insects are disappearing, once common birds are becoming rare. At the same time, citizens are continuously exposed to toxic synthetic pesticides, and our rivers and streams are polluted.

The European Union should be free of toxic pesticides by 2035 by promoting a more sustainable farming policy all across the continent. Today's agriculture is speeding up biodiversity loss and climate change. The solutions are there: more environmentally friendly agriculture to restore biodiversity and protect the climate.

We, as citizens from all over Europe, are rising up against this industrialised agricultural system and we call on the EU Commission to:

  • Phase-out toxic synthetic pesticides by 2035​
  • Restore biodiversity​
  • Support farmers in the transition


This petition is part of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), where Tilt, together with 90 civil society organisations from 17 countries demand action to save our biodiversity and protect farmers. ECI is a legal and democratic instrument which obliges the European Commission to respond to the demands of citizens, once we collect one million signatures from at least 7 member states. After you sign this petition, you will be redirected to the webpage of the ECI where you will be asked to provide some extra information in order to validate your signature for the ECI. To skip the first step and go straight to signing the ECI, click HERE.

Will you sign?

Our fields and farms are being drenched in toxic chemicals from Bayer-Monsanto and Co. Bees and other pollinators are the ones paying the highest price. Why? Because the EU is holding back a bee-saving ban on dangerous pesticides.

But a different agricultural model is possible!

SIGN to end the use of harmful pesticides