Help us stop octopus farming! Send a letter to the Government of the Canary Islands

The Eurogroup for Animals recently shared some confidential documents showing the plan for the octopus farm with the BBC. What we learn from it is terrifying.

Nueva Pescanova, a Spanish company that is behind this cruel project, plans to farm about a million octopuses per year for food. Knowing that octopuses are solitary species, the company decided to put them in 1,000 tanks. They normally live in the dark. When put in a two-story building in the port of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, they will be kept under constant light. This will cause them great distress.

Thanks to Eurogroup for Animals and BBC we finally know how animals will be slaughtered. Nueva Pescanova choose one of the most stressful ways to do it - they will be put in containers with water keep at -3°C and frozen to death. Slow and extremely painful.

The City Council of Las Palmas already gave their green light to this cruel, murderous investment. Nueva Pescanova sent the proposal to the Canary Islands' General Directorate of Fishing. BBC asked the Directorate and the Government itself for comment. No response.

That's why we want to ask them to act ourselves! Send the letter to the authorities of the Canary Islands and ask them to take a strong stance and stop the process!

Enter your information in the form and we will have a draft letter ready for you!

Thanks for sending the letters. Will you share this action to multiply your impact?