Solidarity with LGBTI communities in Poland

Since the summer of 2019, around 100 municipalities and regions in Poland have declared themselves "LGBTI-free". In recent years, ultraconservative forces in Poland - in particular the ruling Law and Justice party and the Polish Catholic Church - have systematically demonised queer people in particular around electoral campaigns. As of September 2020, a third of Poland has been declared "LGBTI-free".

But things can change. A handful of these declarations have recently been revoked by courts as discriminatory. Six applications for town twinnings from municipalities that have declared themselves "LGBTI-free" have been rejected by the European Commission. And many brave people are raising their voice in Poland and abroad. The Polish government's targeting of queer people must stop.

Many of the towns and regions that have declared themselves "LGBTI-free" are twinned with European towns and regions. Let's make sure that local political representatives from these towns and regions send a clear message to their Polish counterparts: we stand in solidarity with LGBTI communities in Poland!

What can you do to help?

Showing solidarity with the LGBTI community in Poland is important. Here are three steps you can take to support people under oppression in Poland - urging the governments of twinning cities to put pressure on their Polish "LGBTI-free" counterparts, raise awareness on what is happening via Twitter and donate to LGBTI organisations in Poland

1. Is your local municipality on the list? Send an email to your representative

The source of the data is and will be updated in case of changes. Notice any other municipalities that should be on the list or that should be removed? Drop us a message at

2. Put pressure on them via Twitter


3. Donate to LGBTI organisations in Poland

Organisations working on the ground need our support now more than ever. If you are able to chip in, please consider donating to any organisation or project defending LGBTI rights in Poland. Here are some examples with main areas they work in:

  • Miłość Nie Wyklucza - education, lobbying, psychological support, legal counsel, LGBTI programme for local governments, pride marches. Specialised focus on marriage equality. Donation page in English.
  • Trans-Fuzja - psychological and legal counsel, publications, reporting, lobbying, databases of trans-friendly services and institutions, LGBTI hostel, forum. Donation page in English.
  • Grupa Stonewall - psychological and legal counsel, publications, education, equality trainings, Poznań pride week + equality march in Poznań, support group for Ukrainian LGBTI immigrants. Donation page in English.
  • Stop Bzdurom - direct action against bigotry and for LGBTI rights. Donation page in English.

Check out more organisations and ways to support here.

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