EU Ministers - NO to Energy Charter Treaty!

In 2022 the fossil fuels industry should have lost its social licence. In order to deliver climate justice, governments should request reparations from these corporations but, instead, they are binding themselves to protect their fossil profits.

Being part of the so-called Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), governments give foreign investors the right to bring them in front of a secretive external court for alleged threats to their energy sector investments – even when those "threats" are actually climate policy meant to stop runaway climate chaos!

The second to last round of negotiations for the Energy Charter Treaty will take place on April 19 - 22. The attempts to modernise it are failing, so we must let energy ministers know that withdrawal is the only answer!

We must protect and restore nature, not the greedy profits of fossil fuel companies. Public money should be used to deliver climate justice, not to enrich those who profited from driving us towards climate chaos!

Let's write to your minister for energy and push them to exit from the ECT!

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