Save bees and farmers!

Our fields and farms are being drenched in toxic chemicals from Bayer-Monsanto and Co. Bees and other pollinators are the ones paying the highest price. Why? Because the EU is holding back a bee-saving ban on dangerous pesticides.

We, as citizens from all over Europe, are rising up against this industrialised agricultural system and we call on the EU Commission to:

  • Phase-out toxic synthetic pesticides by 2035​
  • Restore biodiversity​
  • Support farmers in the transition

Join Tilt and 90 civil society organisations across Europe to put pressure on the Commission through an official European Citizens' Initiative. Sign below 👇

This petition is part of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), where Tilt, together with 90 civil society organisations from 17 countries demand action to save our biodiversity and protect farmers. ECI is a legal and democratic instrument which obliges the European Commission to respond to the demands of citizens, once we collect one million signatures from at least 7 member states.