Where does our food come from?

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Victory for our health!!

Together with our partners, we managed to collect 1.100 000 signatures in support of this European Citizens' Initiative campaign demanding that the European Commission imposes mandatory declaration of origin for all food products, to protect consumers’ rights, our health and the  environment we live in! The collection of signatures is now closed. Take a look and join other campaigns that could be of your interest here.


To: EU Commission 

Food industries are mislabeling their products, and they are fooling us. A legal loophole allows food companies to label products as "made in the country of destination" even when they are not. This is food fraud, and it harms us,  local farmers and food producers.

Adulteration, counterfeiting and deliberate mislabeling of food products pose a serious risk to our health, especially when using allergenic or even toxic ingredients of unknown origin to replace more expensive ingredients.

But now we have the  chance to change the rules.

Mandatory  indication of origin  on food labels would help  prevent falsification and unfair commercial practices that damage the health of consumers and our national economies.

The European Commission has the power to put an end to this food fraud  out of business for good.

1,101,480 SIGNATURES
GOAL: 1,100,000 signatures

Will you sign?

We call on the European Commission to impose a mandatory declaration of origin  on all food products: to protect the environment, to prevent food fraud and to guarantee consumers' right to information.