We need to clean up trucks NOW


Transport emissions are one of the biggest causes of climate change. Even though trucks make up less than 5% of vehicles on the road, they are currently responsible for about one quarter of all road transport CO2 emissions in the EU. Yet there are no CO2 rules on trucks. That's ridiculous.

In order to tackle climate change and meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement, CO2 emissions need to be restricted in our trucks. Furthermore, our lack of action on trucks come from corporate interests and manufacturing lobbyist trying to evade their environmental responsibility.  Our politicians need to step up. CO2 needs to be restricted everywhere. 

Demand the European Parliament to set ambitious target to reduce CO2 truck emissions in order to fight climate change! 

The age of unlimited emissions of carbon dioxide should end. NGOs, and other transport stakeholders have called for ambitious emission reduction targets. Our transport sector needs to be less carbon-intensive. We did it with cars, let's do it with trucks. That's why we're calling on the European Parliament to make CO2 restrictions on trucks stronger.  

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