Stop Plastic Pollution: Demand your supermarket cuts back on useless plastic

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When making your regular trip to the supermarket, are you – just like us – annoyed at how much unnecessary plastic goes into your basket? Innumerable single-use plastic bags are used to collect loose fruit and vegetables; even foods with its own natural packaging sometimes comes with an added plastic coating!

All of this is useless plastic - which when thrown away builds up in our oceans and threatens our marine life. Every year, we produce more than 300 million tonnes of plastic, 8 million tonnes of which end up in our oceans. By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. And plastic is made of fossil fuels. It contributes significantly to climate change and to harming our planet as well as our wildlife.

Let’s stop this useless plastic consumption. Change is possible.

We urge supermarkets to work with us against single-use plastic by reducing the amount of plastic packaging used in stores and in the transportation of goods. We urge supermarkets to get in touch with their suppliers to ask them to reduce useless packaging and to offer alternatives to their clients whenever possible. We urge supermarkets to put pressure on decision makers in their countries and in Brussels to agree on binding and concrete new rules to reduce the production of useless plastic.

Sign our petition asking supermarkets across Europe to take a stance against useless plastic so that we #UseLessPlastic!

Who's signing

Victor Martin
Tamás Gamper
Monika Antosik
Andrei Lobanov
Peace Maker
Molly Wurth
Francesco Cuccu'
Martina Große-Hellweg
Samuel Kaiser
Angela Bayer
Christa Winter
Christoph Huber
Lilly Kunzelmann
Alexandra Valkova
Julian Wocher
Vanessa-Chantal Scholz
Mihaela Tomić
Petra Gál
Maria-Heleena Matikainen
Lara Petak
Philipp Oslislo
Delfina Żółtowska
Nina Urgert
Alice Pirino
Lily Abiaad
Valna Ožbolt
Austea Austea
Francesco Cecere
Bojan Kahlau
Victoria Blair

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