Time for transparency on pesticides

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To the European Parliament,

As a constituent, I’m writing to urge you to vote for strong rules to end the secrecy on industry studies used to prove that pesticides are safe. As our elected representative in the European Parliament, you have a duty to protect our health, the food we eat, our plants and our environment from toxic pesticides.

Yet the decision-making process on pesticides continues to rely on unpublished studies commissioned and assessed by the pesticide producers. This is unacceptable and needs to change.

Your vote in the European Parliament on the 16th of January will be crucial to determine whether citizens can trust the European institution in the future, in particular, the European Food Safety Authority – EFSA.

As you are aware, the glyphosate case has highlighted the serious flaws in the way in which pesticides are approved. Back then, more than one million people, in the fastest ever European Citizens Initiative, raised their voice demanding the European Commission to protect people and the environment from toxic pesticides, by improving transparency in our food system and ensuring that all studies used to support the regulatory approval of pesticides are made public.

Therefore, I urge you to make sure that all industry studies are available to the public in their entirety and that those running the assessment of pesticides do not have any conflict of interest.

Millions of EU citizens are eagerly looking forward to your vote in favor of major changes to the system of pesticide approval.  Our health, our food, our plants, and animals should precede the interests of secretive lobbies and private interests of multinationals.


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