Time to protect journalists in EU!

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To: Věra JourováEU Commissioner

Media freedom is under attack all across the EU. 
Journalists daring to name and shame corrupt officials and expose their dealings are facing constant threat and fear for their safety. More and more journalists are harassed or killed, independent newspapers are shut down, and journalists are sued just for doing their job. 

But without media freedom, democracy cannot truly exist. A climate in which impunity prevails and in which journalists are only respected when they serve the interests of those in power, paves the way for violence.  That's why we are calling on the European Commission to take media freedom seriously, and to use its legal and political powers to protect freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of information.

In particular, we urge the Commissioner Věra Jourová to:

  • Provide greater protection, legal and economic support for journalists whose safety is under threat
  • Monitor the protection mechanisms for journalists in the EU Member States and make country specific recommendations

It's time for you to take real action to stop assassinations of journalists and end unjust prosecution of press within Europe. 

Will you sign?

Europe has become an increasingly dangerous place for journalists working to combat corruption, organised crime and abuses of power.

We should not allow journalists to be threatened and live in fear for their safety! 

It's time for Europe to defend journalists!