Tax Transparency

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Support Tax Transparency for Big Corporations in the EU!

Every year, the EU loses between €50 - €70 billion through the aggressive tax dodging practices of big corporations!

Real corporate tax transparency would force multinationals to pay their fair share of tax.

However, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are currently blocking a key transparency reform that would mean multinationals have to publish data on where they generate their profits and where they pay tax.

Instead of supporting tax transparency, EU governments are trying to bury the reform.

Public Country-by-Country Reporting would prevent corporate giants from shifting their profits and dodging taxes, and it would make them pay their fair share.

We call on EU Member States to stop blocking the tax transparency reform and to adopt the Public Country-by-Country-Reporting in the European Council without delay!

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We, the people demand governments to stop blocking fair taxation. Politicians are not elected by multinationals, but by us. And our voice will be heard. Sign the petition and speak up. #TaxJustice