Stop the shame. End that game!

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Every year, 60,000 animals are mistreated (and then slaughtered) in Spain during the cruel and popular bullfighting festivals, as reported by the National Association for the Protection and Welfare of Animals.

In Spain, Portugal and France, the torture and slaughter of bulls in public is permitted under the protection of a so-called "tradition".

Tradition or not, bullfighting is a barbaric show and should not be considered as an accepted "sport" in Europe. Torturing animals is neither art nor culture.  It is violence against innocent animals.

Bulls must not continue to be subjected to mistreatment during these "traditional festivals" in Spain, Portugal and France, often at the cost of their own lives. It's time we stop this now.


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Torturing animals for "entertainment" is neither art, nor culture nor sport. It is violence. Let's stop this horrific “sport” and protect the rights and welfare of animals now✊

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