Let’s stand up for the rights of Hungarian citizens

On 12 September 2018, the European Parliament supported the report of Green MEP Judith Sargentini with a two-thirds majority. The report concludes that Hungary’s government is breaching core European values, such as democratic integrity, human rights, the freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary. By voting to enact the Article 7 procedure of the EU Treaty, the European Parliament reaffirmed its commitment to protecting our democracy and the rule of law in Hungary and across the EU.

In some EU countries, and Hungary in particular, the state is no longer able to guarantee the freedom of the media, the impartiality of the courts, and the independence of its academic institutions. Unfortunately, the Hungarian people no longer enjoy the same freedoms and rights as we have come to expect in the EU. 

The European Parliament did their part in trying to give the Hungarian people back their rights and freedoms, and now it is time for the Council to take over, they have the power to force the Hungarian government to change their act. The governments of the member states, who make up the Council, have to show their commitment to protecting the rights of Europe’s citizens on 16 October, when the next General Affairs Council meeting will take place. So far none of our governments have put the Hungarian case on the agenda, which means they ignore the problems citizens face in Hungary.

This is where our community can make a real difference: We need to put pressure on national governments to stand up for our rights and freedoms and make sure they discuss the report during the Council meeting and put fundamental values of the European Union first.

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