Our last chance to save the Internet!

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To: Member State governments of the European Union

The Internet as we know it is in danger.

On the 26th March, the European Parliament voted yes, with a narrow majority, on the introduction of upload filters on the Internet. If the final decisions passes the European Council (comprising EU governments) on the 15th April, it would fundamentally change the way content creators and users experience the Internet on a daily basis, harming authors and their fans alike.

What are upload filters? Automated algorithms that scan every uploaded photo, video, article for possible copyright infringement before the content is published. The effect? Videos of cute kittens could be taken down because a copyrighted song can be heard in the distance. Your karaoke photos can get flagged because there is a poster or picture with a trademark in the background. Your story might not upload for several hours while the filter is running through all the existing content to check for potential violations.

Small online newspapers, blogs and fact checking websites are also among those affected - and these sites keep our internet diverse, reliable and free for the press.

We want the Internet to be instant, spontaneous and free. It has become an everyday part of our lives. The current proposal would change that. We must make sure this proposal doesn't pass the European Council.

Sign to tell your government to vote against the upload filters on the 15th April!

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This is our last chance to stop upload filters. The European Council (comprising member state government ministers) is having the final say on upload filters on the 15th April. Let's make sure they know how European citizens want them to vote!

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