Save the Amazon forest

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To European Parliament

It is not too late to stop logging companies and agricultural firms from destroying the Amazon rainforest. 
But Europe is about to add fuel to the fire by signing a deal with Brazil, and other South American countries to import cheap products such as soybeans, beef and biofuels grown on the ashes of the rainforest.

If adopted, the agreement between the EU and the Mercosur countries - which includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay - will spell further disaster for the Amazon rainforest and its' indigenous communities. 

All for the benefit of the European car industry and chemical giants who wish to sell more glyphosate and other pesticides products that further accelerate our climate and biodiversity crisis. In addition, the agreement will greatly remove the possibility of sanctions for environmental damage like the fires we see today.

This will affect all of us, mainly our environment, wildlife, biodiversity and the indigenous communities living there. We must act to stop this now!

Demand that the EU Parliament put an end to this dangerous trade deal with Bolsonaro to save what is left of the Amazon.

Will you sign?

The Amazon forest is burning. Let's save what's left of the forest. Immediately stop negotiating with Brazilian President Bolsonaro and withdraw the trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur.

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