International Safe Abortion Day

Women have ferociously fought for their own reproductive rights. The message is clear: our body, our choices.

In accordance to the European Court of Human Rights, the denial of sexual and reproductive health and rights services constitute a serious violation of fundamental human rights. And yet, women still face high barriers and stigma when accessing reproductive services. 

It's time for the EU Member States and EU institutions to step up and stand with women. 

This petition demands the EU member states and the European Commission to protect women from any violation of their human rights. EU member states and the European Commission must condemn the regressive and repressive discourses, laws and policies that restrict women's rights to self-determination once and for all. 

It's only by letting our leaders know that we demand bodily autonomy that we can build a Europe that prioritises gender equality. 

Can you sign this petition to demand Europe take action on protecting reproductive rights?

Will you sign?

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