Stop Europe's Dependency on Russian Nuclear Energy!

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Over the past decade, Putin has been consolidating the nuclear industry for Russia into one of the largest in Europe. Through the state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom, Russia has been pushing to build more nuclear reactors in Europe to increase its influence over other governments and to break European unity. We see this happening in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, and even the UK. A recent study shows Russia is buying influence in the EU through its nuclear strategy. We need to stop this. 

Nuclear power is not our future. Nuclear power is expensive and economically unsustainable. Billions of euro's in taxpayer money are squandered, energy bills are made unnecessary high. It creates nuclear waste for which there is no final solution and it is risky. If something goes wrong, neighbouring countries can be seriously affected as well. On top of this, we see external investors, like Rosatom, gaining huge power over the EU energy market.

We already have great alternatives. Green solutions that are economic, climate-friendly and safe to use. Solutions that create more sustainable jobs and that give us control over energy supply. With rapid advancements to renewable technology, there is no excuse to choose nuclear over renewable energy. Yet there are four nuclear reactors under construction and another five planned to be built in the EU.

No more dependency on Russian energy. Nuclear is not our future. We need to stand up against this and fight for a moratorium on nuclear energy.

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