Let Them In

To the European Council,

49 asylum seekers are stranded at sea in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Fleeing via Libya and rescued from battered rubber boats, they have been denied disembarkment because European member states cannot agree on who should open a safe port for these asylum seekers to land on. Exhausted, dehydrated and scarred they’ve become political pawns of politicians.

Seeking asylum is not illegal and humanitarian aid is not a political game. This petition demand European leaders rescue those trapped at sea and bring them onshore to a safe port without delay. Relocating asylum seekers must be solved on land, and should not be carried out with people in distress at sea. It is inconceivable that 28 countries from a large continent such as Europe, with a population of around 500 million people, are unable to welcome 49 people.

Will you sign this petition to bring asylum seekers to a safe port on shore?