Bring Asylum Seekers On Shore

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On Saturday 19 January, the Sea Watch 3 ship rescued 47 people on a dinghy in front of the Libyan coast: among them there are also 13 minors, 8 of whom are unaccompanied. Since the night of 24 January , the ship has been blocked offshore of the Syracuse coast. The Italian government has authorized its entry into Italian territorial waters due to bad weather conditions, but has not given it a " safe port " to dock and disembark the people. This is unacceptable!

Seeking asylum is not illegal and humanitarian aid is not a political game. We demand European leaders rescue those trapped at sea and bring them onshore to a safe port without delay.  Relocating asylum seekers must be solved on land, and should not be carried out with people in distress at sea. It is inconceivable that 28 countries from a large continent such as Europe, with a population of around 500 million people, are unable to welcome 47 people.

Will you sign this petition to bring asylum seekers to a safe port on shore?