Stop Unhealthy Food From Coming Onto Our Plates

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2.7 tons of diseased beef from Poland was exported to 14 countries around the EU risking the health of EU citizens. This was caused by abattoirs illegally slaughtering sick cows and passing it off as healthy meat off, going against EU regulations that requires a veterinary inspection before and after slaughter.

Food scandals keep occuring in the European Union. Whether it is fipronil in eggs, contaminated Lactalis baby milk or horsemeat in beef lasagne: the recurring scandals demonstrate the fundamental issues with transparency and control in Europe's long supply chains. Unsafe low quality food is traded at the cost of healthy, fresh, high quality food. This only strengthens the urgent need to ensure that healthy food can find its way to our citizens’ plates; particularly children and the elderly. This could be remedied by a short food supply chains and locally produced food. It is not enhances and maintains health, but would better protect the environment, promote domestic agriculture, conserve rural areas, create less food waste and reduce unfair trading practices.

Therefore we call on The European Commission to:

  • Food to be exempted from the public procurement system (Directive 2014/24/EU) so that locally produced quality food is preferenced over cheap low-quality food
  • Implement mandatory labelling of food based on where it comes from in restaurants, public kitchens & convenience products in order to prevent any type of fraud that present a serious public health risk
  • Encourage shorter food supply chains to create an easier, clearer and more transparent monitoring system as there are fewer intermediaries to be regulated with EU standards


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