European Green New Deal

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Climate catastrophe is here. Thousands of young people around the world have taken to the streets in protest. The message is clear: a drastic change to the system is needed. Now.

So we need your help. With the European elections coming up, we need to ensure the next European Parliament - elected in May this year - puts a European Green New Deal into action. This is the challenge of our lifetime, but the solutions are there. The only thing that is missing, is the willingness of politicians to take their responsibility and ACT.

Climate change is occurring as a result of the worst market failure in our economic system ever. A system based on environmentally destructive profiteering and consumption that pushes the earth beyond its ecological limits. Food, clean water and air have become commodities instead of a human right.

With a European Green New Deal, we can drastically change this. Our economy needs to serve people and planet before profit. It needs to divest from dirty coal. It needs to work towards 100% renewables. Instead of maximising production, it need to be environmental sustainable. We can do this easily with investments into green jobs, research, eco-innovation, professional training and education.

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