Dignity for all!

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The EU has failed to act to ensure that every European has the right to a decent income, fair working conditions and adequate social protection, regardless of their circumstances.

While Europe as a whole is wealthier than ever, right across our continent – from Bulgaria to France, and from Germany to Greece – millions of people still live in poverty and social exclusion.

And many of those worst affected are children. Everyone deserves a decent standard of living, and the solutions are already on the table. By passing legislation giving all citizens the right to a decent minimum income, the EU could ensure that all its citizens can live in dignity.

But the EU has so far failed to take concrete action. It’s time for that to change, and in the lead-up to the EU elections our influence is greater than ever.  This Labour Day, let’s come together and raise our voices to demand the next European Parliament passes legislation to ensure a decent minimum income for everyone!


Will you sign?

With less than one month until the European elections, we stand at a crossroads. On tackling climate change, on protecting democracy – and not least on putting social justice at the heart of our Union. Sign the petition to call on the next European Parliament to ensure all citizens have the right to a decent minimum income.