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For the past few days, the Italian minister has been evicting dozens of people seeking asylum from a refugee centre. Without any notice, families who had been living in this centre for years, were pulled from their rooms and forcibly transferred. Nobody knows where they have been moved to. The people evicted were vulnerable, including victims of sex trafficking and children suffering with mental health problems. This is not an isolated event. All around Europe, asylum seeker rights are being eroded.

We need to ensure the rights, dignity, and protection of people seeking asylum in Europe.  And we have a part of that solution. In 2013, the Reception Conditions  Directive (Directive 2013/33/EU) was established to create adequate standards of living and reception for people seeking asylum in the European Union. This Directive obliges the Member States to ensure an adequate standard of living for asylum seekers in Europe, including education, healthcare, and housing.  

Since 2016, the Reception Conditions Directive has been revised. The European Parliament proposed improved conditions of reception of refugees and asylum seekers.  However, the proposal has been stuck from passing because Member States refuse to adopt a comprehensive reform for a common asylum seeker system.

That's allowed countries around Europe, like Italy and Greece, to strip away the rights of asylum seekers as they see fit.

Therefore demand the member states and the European Council to:

  • fulfil their obligation to ensure an adequate standard of living for asylum seekers.
  • adopt the common EU asylum system, including the Reception Conditions Directive and the Dublin regulation order to protect the rights of asylum seekers all around Europe, in full respect of the principle of solidarity.
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