15 September: Cleanup Day

Like you, and many other people, we are tired of seeing lots of waste on our way to work, on the beaches during our holidays, and many more places we go.

At the same time, we see great initiatives to clean up waste: from big actions like this one from Margrete Auken, MEP, to smaller ones like this heartwarming example from two sisters from Belgium.

We can no longer turn a blind eye, and we have to start acting now. That’s why for Cleanup Day, we will gather all your cleanup initiatives – big and small – and showcase them here on this map. You can organise your own action to clean up your street or nearby beach, and invite your neighbours, friends, and family to join your action or start their own.

Because if we all do this together, we can send a clear message to the world that we are ready for change

*Organisers: click here for an explanation how to add your event to the map, or add it directly here*