Save the Białowieża Forest



Bialowieza_header.pngThe Białowieża Forest is one of last and largest remaining fragments of the immense primeval forest that once stretched Europe. It is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site and has to be protected from destruction by human intervention.

The Polish State Forest Holding has now started the construction works of the Narewkowska Road, laying asphalt to cover a 400-metre stretch of the road fifteen kilometers every day. These construction operations are taking place despite the European Commission's decision to suspend the construction of the road. The European Commission have asked the company to comply with Europe's environmental standards and provide and environmental impact assessment before construction is done. 

But this has not happened. 

A stronger reaction from the European Commission is of highest importance to prevent further environmental damage in Białowieża forest.

Therefore, we call upon you to ensure that European laws for the protection of nature are respected and that further environmental damage in Białowieża forest is prevented. The unique ecosystem needs our protection.

We strongly urge the European Commission:

  • to firmly demand that the Polish authorities stop the further construction of Narewkowska Road until proof of compliance with EU legislation is provided.
  • in case the environmental compliance cannot be demonstrated, we urge you to definitely halt the asphalt work of the road.
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