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Dear Prime, Minister Boyko Borissov

Dear Minister of Energy, Asen Vasilev

I’m writing to you to express my deep concerns about the decision of our government to scrap the 2012 suspension on the construction of Belene Power Plant project. As you know, the suspension on the construction of the nuclear power plant of Belene was adopted by the Bulgarian government and the National Assembly due to concerns about the high seismic risk at the site where Belene is located.

The decision to reopen the construction of the Belene nuclear power plant would represent an unacceptable nuclear hazard and a significant risk to the lives of not only Bulgarian citizens, but also of all European citizens and neighboring countries. A potential accident at the Belene nuclear power plant, such as a destructive earthquake, would have huge environmental, health and economic consequences for Bulgaria and the EU Member States.

Recently the European Commission has stated that the Belene power plant project has to be considered as a new project, rather than a continuation of an already existing project. This means that the Bulgarian government will have now to follow the correct procedures, in line with EU regulation for the building of this plant, and re-submit the notification for the construction of Belene Nuclear Plant.

By deciding to suspend the 2012 decision on the construction of Belene Power Plant project, you are forgetting the 120 victims who died in 1977 Vrancea earthquake. That day, less than 10 kilometers away from the site where Belene nuclear power plant is set to be built, the earthquake killed many loved ones and decimated one-third of the buildings in the nearby town of Svishtov. What do you think would happen if there was also a Nuclear Power Plant in the middle of it all? Nuclear power plant and its disasters know no border and its consequences concerns all of us.

I would also like to remind you that nuclear energy has become less and less economically viable in the energy sector.  Nuclear power plants are becoming more expensive and more dangerous for public health and the environment. The future of the energy lies in the renewable energy that has become much more dominant and long-term providers for energy production.

Therefore, I call on you to abandon the Belene Nuclear power plant project as it poses huge environmental, health and economic risks to the Bulgarian citizens and the EU Member States.

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