Stop the hate on our timeline!

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To: Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Mr. Jack Patrick Dorsey

Women from all over the world are joining forces to report on the abuse and violence they face, voicing their opposition to all forms of online harassment, hatred, discrimination, and sexism.

For women, in particular women of colour, Facebook and Twitter have become hostile places. Instead of strengthening their voice, Facebook and Twitter are acting as a megaphone to incite hate speech and online abuse, driving many women to self-censor what they publish, and limiting their interactions and even completely abandoning social media.

People of colour, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, queer people, Muslims and Jews are among the people most affected and marginalized by a wave of hatred and harassment.

The goal of such violence and abuse is to create a hostile online environment with the intent to humiliate, intimidate, degrade, belittle or silence the people that haters target. The normalisation of abuse and harassment seen online is spilling over offline, leading to a rise of violent racist encounters.

Facebook and Twitter have a responsibility to ensure that every individual that uses their platforms is able to express themselves freely and without fear.

We demand a concrete commitment from Facebook and Twitter to combat the spread of hate speech and abuse on their platforms.

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