What is Tilt about?

What is Tilt about?


Real change

With the far right on the rise, climate deniers in the European Parliament, and big corporations with more power than any government – we cannot afford to waste time. Tilt only focuses on the most pressing issues, and only where we can create real change.

Big decisions that influence you, and millions of other Europeans, are being made every day by the European Union. And many of the big challenges we face – like climate change – don’t stop at a national border.

That means we need to come together across Europe, too – and Tilt is where we do just that. Together, we’re demanding that the European Union works for all of us – not just a privileged few. Together, we’re making real change happen and urgently pushing for a fairer, greener Europe.

Real knowledge

To win the fight for a fairer, greener Europe, we make sure we have both the people power and the deep knowledge to make real change.

The Tilt community was founded by the European Greens – and our access to Green policy experts and members of the European Parliament makes us unique. That means we have a deeper insight than any other organisation about where we as a community can have the most impact. By bringing together thousands of citizens with this expertise, our community can look behind the curtain of the EU – making sure we always focus where we can have the most impact.

We cannot afford to waste time and we cannot afford to lose – combining people power and deep insider knowledge means we can always make it count.

PS. The political process can be complicated, especially within the EU, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to make an impact. And whether you like it or not – the bloody law is decided through the EU.

Real community

There are millions of people like you – like us – across Europe. People who see the far right gaining ground in country after country. People who know that the climate doesn’t care about borders. People who see corporations that have become far too powerful. And people who want to do something about it.

Together, we have something that the rich and powerful will never have. Something much more powerful. We have you – and many others like you. Tilt is where we come together to make change happen.



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